Community Development

  • Foundation 4Life began supporting this community in 2011 with an initial backpack donation. In 2012, we pledged a six-year commitment with Feed The Children to provide support for hygiene and sanitation, nutrition and supplementation, education, and livelihood development.
  • We have helped build a community center that provides clean, filtered water, nourishing meals for children, and community education and activities. In 2013, new bathrooms and sinks were provided, a community garden was built to provide fresh food for the meals at the community center and educate people on how to grow their own food, and a recycling program began to encourage pride in the community and create an income stream for the mothers who run the program. In 2014, new classrooms were added to the community school to accommodate increased enrollment and reduce class sizes.
  • In addition, Foundation 4Life provides backpacks and uniforms to the neediest children so they can attend school, and provides transportation assistance to older children who attend school outside of the community. Additionally, our funding provides nutrition, vitamins, and de-worming medicine to support kids’ health and give them greater opportunities to stay in school and be productive members of their community.