4Life CEO David Lisonbee Makes First Trip to Nkosi’s Haven

(July 2009) 4Life CEO David Lisonbee made his first trip to Nkosi’s Haven in Johannesburg, South Africa. 4Life became a supporter of Nkosi's Haven several years ago through the work of two distributors, Bernice Mannon and Bonnie Hornsby. The Haven is the brain child of Gail Johnson and her adopted son Nkosi Johnson, who had the vision and fortitude to build outstanding facilities for HIV-positive orphans and some HIV-positive mothers. David was able to visit the 4Life farm that was created a few years ago to help produce food for the residents and reduce the cost of food. “The children were happy and excited to meet us,” commented Lisonbee. “It was a marvelous experience to visit the three different locations that Gail has built over the last decade. All in all, it was a wonderful visit.”

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