Building Hope in Honduras

Construction is going strong on the new Foundation 4Life community center at the Marco Aurelio Soto School community in Jardines del Norte, Choloma, Honduras. Jardines del Norte has a population of about 2,000 people, most of whom are living in extreme poverty. Community members are unable to support initiatives to improve the educational opportunities for their children, or develop urgently needed services. Currently food is being prepared outside, and children have no safe place to eat their meals.

This new center will provide a safe and warm environment for the children, and will provide hope to an entire community by allowing local mothers to be personally involved with supporting their children’s nutritional needs. Over 250 warm meals will be prepared and served each school day for children of all ages. For many families these free meals are a great financial support, and allow children to focus on their education instead of having to work low paying jobs to help earn extra money for their families.

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