Philippines Scholarships

(April 2011) In conjunction with the fifth anniversary event for 4Life Philippines, Foundation 4Life announced school scholarships for five needy children in Sun Valley, Paranaque, Manila, Philippines. The children were selected based on financial need, the family’s desire to have their child attend school, and the child’s willingness to work hard at their studies. Scholarships included school tuition, uniforms, school supplies for one year, a weekly allowance so the kids won’t have to work, and three bags of 4Life Fortify® for the family every month. Each child was 11-years-old at the time of the scholarship presentation.

Alecxa is highly motivated to pursue an education. She personally begged to be chosen as a scholar because she wants to help her mother, who is a single parent. Both of Kimberly’s parents are out of work. She wants to help her family so they won’t have to continue depending on her grandparents for their daily needs. Rodel want to help his family. His father does not have a regular income so they have to live with his grandmother. Frexy is very diligent in her studies. Frexy’s mom was concerned because her income isn’t enough to support her child’s education. Frexy dreams of having a job in an office. Klarizze lives in a rented house with her family and her father’s siblings. Her father’s income is not stable and is not enough for all their needs. She wants to become an accountant someday.