Filipino Boy Gets Special Help

Anthony Mendoza is a special-needs young man in the Foundation 4Life-adopted community of Sitio Manggahan, Barangay, San Roque, Angono, Rizal, Philippines. Anthony contracted meningitis when he was seven years old. Because his family couldn’t afford proper medical treatment, the meningitis left him completely blind. The lack of nutrition was also very damaging.

Anthony is now 16 years old. While he has grown accustomed to living with blindness, he would love to live like able-bodied teenagers. The 4Life service community development project helps children like Anthony through special education programs and a high-quality nutrition program that includes 4Life Fortify®.

Angyn Mendoza, Anthony’s mother, expressed her heartfelt gratitude, saying, “Anthony has never had a chance to learn like other kids because of his blindness. Thank you for helping my son and all the children here.”

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