Skills-Building Classes for Mothers

While many of the programs and classes offered at the Foundation 4Life sponsored Community Center are centered on children and early childhood development, parents are also encouraged to become involved and participate in many of the educational opportunities which are provided. Since the start of the Community Center several skill building classes have been held for mothers in the community, including jewelry making, piñata building and a special Christmas decoration workshop.

Each class is held at the Community Center, and is taught by onsite Feed the Children staff. Each class or workshop is provided free of charge to all those who wish to participate, and all needed supplies are also provided for free.

While participation continues to increase, the mothers who attend are grateful for what the classes mean for themselves and their families. Each class provides opportunities to learn a new skill that can help provide for their families.

Currently several of the mothers from the Community Center are forming a group which will put their newly acquired jewelry making skills to use. They plan to pool their resources, and begin to make and sell their jewelry. Additional income earned by this group of mothers could make a real difference in their daily lives, and will help ensure that their children can continue to attend school instead of working low paying jobs.

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