New Bathrooms for Jardines Del Norte

While a working bathroom with clean running water is something many take for granted, many homes and communities in Honduras struggle without access to these basic needs. Thanks to the ongoing support from Foundation 4Life, the Community Center in Jardines del Norte now enjoys a bathroom facility that many other communities in Honduras do not have.

With the previous bathrooms at the Community Center in aging disrepair and lacking running water, the new bathrooms can accommodate a larger number of students, and offers improved sanitation by being connected to a septic tank. The new facilities also have hand washing stations and kids are learning the importance of hygiene after using the bathroom.

These new bathrooms serve as a sense of pride and optimism at the Community Center, with many hopeful about more improvements to come. The entire community will help take responsibility for the new facility with children, and parents sharing the responsibilities of cleaning and upkeep.

Additional support for the new bathrooms was provided by the Foundation 4Life Carpentry School in nearby Omoa, Honduras. The carpentry school provided the new bathroom doors and other needed wooden fixtures.

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