Recycling Program for Better Sanitation

Sanitation and cleanliness in Honduras continues to be an ongoing struggle. With limited government resources to collect and dispose of trash, many communities are left to find their own solutions to keep their streets clean and dispose of house hold waste. At the Foundation 4Life Community Center in Jardines del Norte, Honduras a brand new trash recycling program has begun in order to help solve some of these common problems.

The new trash recycling program includes both a newly built trash incinerator, and a new structure to help collect and sort different recyclables. Children at the center are now being taught what can be recycled, and are given instructions on which bins to place and store different materials such as paper, plastic and metals.

Once enough recyclable materials are collected, they are then sold. The money earned from selling the recyclable material is then used to help sustain this program and support the Community Center feeding program. A portion of the income also goes to the four mothers that help run the program on a daily basis. Along with providing this monetary help, this new program also helps encourage individuals to take pride and responsibility for their own community, and is a fun way for the children to be personally involved in making a difference.

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