New Gardens Provide Education and Nourishment

Construction of the new garden at the Foundation 4Life Community Center in Jardines del Norte, Honduras is now complete! This new gardening complex will help expand educational programs at the Community Center, which are helping teach invaluable skills to the children and families of the community.

Working under the supervision of the school teachers, the kids will learn responsibility and team work while applying practical gardening skills. Responsibilities for the gardens include everything from planting to harvest, with individual tasks shared among the students. Once harvested, food from the garden will supplement the daily meals at the community feeding center. These vegetables are a much anticipated addition, and help provide added nourishment and variety for the kids.

Now in its second year of the program, the fifth grade class that will participate in the garden this year is thrilled to have a newly designed space they can finally call their own. Along with the new gardening beds, Foundation 4Life also helped provide new gardening tools that were used to seed and plant the new garden with a variety of vegetables and herbs, including cilantro, mint, radishes and peppers.

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