Philippines Flooding

Areas in the northern Philippines have been experiencing intense monsoon rain and devastating flooding. On Tuesday it was reported that nearly 60% of Manila was flooded, and about 281,000 people have been misplaced from their homes. 

Many members of the 4Life family living in these areas have also been personally affected by these floods. Some have lost personal belongings, while others have had to leave their homes and seek shelter in dryer areas. 

Foundation 4Life is working closely with the 4Life Philippines office to reach out to all 4Life distributors being affected by the flooding. With the rains slowing and the flood waters beginning to recede, the office staff has been diligently working to provide emergency water, food, and other supplies to those in immediate need. 

Foundation 4Life is continuing to assess the needs of 4Life employees and distributors affected by the floods, and are committed to helping with the recovery efforts once the flood water recedes. 

Donations are now being accepted to help with these recovery efforts. Remember, 100% of every dollar you donate to Foundation 4Life is used to build the lives of those in need. This is our opportunity to once again express the true meaning of Together, Building People®

All donations made to Foundation 4Life will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your donation. Donate now online, or to make a donation by phone in the United States, please contact Distributor Services at 888–454–3374. For donations outside the United States, please contact your local 4Life office or send an email to [email protected].