Victims of Hurricane Noel, Dominican Republic

When Hurricane Noel devastated the Dominican Republic in late 2007, Gold International Diamond Esdras Cabrera Alberto led the crusade, along with numerous other 4Life distributors in the area, to deliver food and supplies donated by Foundation 4Life to the victims of this horrible storm. At that time, Esdras met Luis Mejia, an 86-year-old man who lived in a shelter made of palm leaves and rice bags with a dirt floor. Esdras coordinated Foundation 4Life donation efforts to help Luis and his neighbors in Los Contreas Limon del Juna. Many distributors not only donated money, but also their time and talents to help build a home for Luis. In April 2009, 4Life executives and distributors toured the new house and met with Luis. With projects planned to build better shower and bathroom facilities in the village, this is a community effort that has just begun.

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