La Casa Rosada: One Girl's Dream, Dominican Republic

Almost 20 years ago Sister Sor Carmen Veiga, of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vicente de Paul in Santa Domingo, was working as a volunteer for non-profits dedicated to orphan care when she met a girl named Mari Loly. Mari was HIV positive, and she and Sister Veiga became fast friends. One day, Mari told Sister Veiga about her recurring dream of a pink house and green garden where she and other orphans could live and call home. That day Sister Veiga committed herself to making Mari’s dream come true—for Mari, and for so many other children like her. Unfortunately, Mari died before she was able to see the pink house of her dreams become a reality. But today, the rose-hued hacienda stands in the heart of Santo Domingo as a testament to Mari’s life, and of Sister Veiga’s compassion.

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