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4Life distributors are always looking for ways to serve people in their own communities. Here, I’ll share the experiences I’ve had with 4Life family members as we help to make the world a better place through serving others.


- Jenna Lisonbee

  4Life Service Ambassador

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As schools welcome back their students, we are excited to continue our partnership with ESTHER in Orlando, Florida to help meet the needs of as many students as we can. 1,700 students in and around the Orlando area will receive backpacks filled with supplies, new clothing and shoes, and other basic needs, such as food. Every child deserves to start the school year off the right way!

Foundation 4Life donated $10,000 to help assist with a few new programs this year. One school that we have adopted is Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School in Apopka Florida. Many families in this school are single moms and almost 100 percent of the children/families live below the line of poverty. The average number of students is 450-460.  Every student will receive a backpack filled with school supplies. 

There will also be an in house program for mothers to be able come to receive their children's school supplies, along with clothes, food, and new shoes for their children. We expect about 500...

Salt Lake City, Utah (July 15, 2020) 4Life corporate, along with its distributors and employees, came together to donate over 3 million meals to those in need. Employees and distributors donated money to Feeding America’s Pandemic Response Fund. Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

All employee donations were matched by 4Life. A secondary donor then matched that amount, which resulted in a donation of more than 3 million meals.

Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen: “Thanks to the combined efforts of 4Life employees and distributors, we can continue to further our efforts to Break the Cycle of Poverty and serve those in need during times of crisis. It is through our combined and consistent donations that positive change occurs in the world.”

Feeding America operates through individual, corporate, and government relationships. Prior to the pandemic, an estimated 40 million Americans turned to the Feeding America network for support. There have b...

The kids at La Casa Rosada in the Dominican Republic aren’t letting these uncertain times stop them from learning and having fun! Some activities they participate in daily are dance and playtime, exercise, Zumba, choir, prayer, and of course, studying. Some kids are even learning how to play new instruments! The kids are also engaged in mental and psychological heath sessions so they can keep their mental health just as strong as their physical health.

Ten students at Granite Connection High School in Salt Lake City, Utah have been anxiously awaiting to receive scholarships to help them continue their education, but due to the pandemic, these students were not able to receive this assistance. Foundation 4Life was able to step in and honor these hard working students by donating $10,000 to this scholarship fund! Together, we are helping to break the cycle of poverty and help students all over the world continue their education!

4Life Europe organized a Solidarity Race to help raise money to go towards an educational and recreational summer camp for children.

No matter where you are in the world, you can take part in this beautiful race. You just need to move, activate your routine and connect your physical activity to any supported app, in this way every little step you take will be counted.

Our goal is to walk 8600 km passing through every European country that makes part of 4Life Europe. Children need hope and love when they grow up under challenging circumstances.

If we together accomplish the goal of 8600 km, we will raise 11.500 Sun Points, equivalent to 11.500 euros. With this amount of light, we will be making two dreams come true for several girls and boys that need technological school material and a safe place to live and grow.


Register at solidarityrace.4life.com

Download the app ¨Sports Net¨

Sign in in the ¨Sports Net¨ app with the account you created in solidarityrace.4life.com


Although this year of 2020 has brought upon many challenges and difficult times thus far, as a world together, we have all been able to take a step back and try to see these events with a new vision of understanding. Because of people like you, who continue to donate to our service efforts, a group of kids in Colombia were able to receive free eye exams and glasses if needed! These kids will be able to start seeing their own vision and dreams more clear as they plan for their futures. Thank you to all the 4Life Colombia office staff, lead by General Manager, Nao Lao! 

4Life Singapore partnered with 4Life Peru to remodel a home for girls located in Lima, Peru. The 4Life Singapore team and Foundation 4Life® provided donations. 4Life Peru employees provided a new roof to help keep the girls safe and protected from bad weather and from animals getting in at night.

“The home welcomes girls from 6 to 21 years old, all of them victims of violence or family abuse. With help from Foundation 4Life, the 4Life Singapore team, and the 4Life Peru team, we have significantly improved the quality of life for the girls by improving the quality of their home.” Jorge Chacón, General Manager, Peru.

The day of service was filled with games, dancing, and a celebration for the girls, who will remember this day as one of hope and joy.It’s amazing that two of our global markets so far away from each other have accomplished this act of service together. 4Life service is not only about building our own communities, but building our 4Life family all over the world.

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