Desde el Corazón reconoce a los distribuidores que demuestran tener pasión por el servicio a los demás. Estos distribuidores realizan actos de servicio en sus comunidades locales y globales, edificando la vida de otras personas en coordinación con Foundation 4Life . Los ganadores de este premio son individuos que han adoptado el verdadero significado del servicio en sus negocios, sus vidas y sus corazones. 


2017 At the Heart of It Recipients

4Life® has many family members in Puerto Rico, which was especially hard-hit when Hurricane Maria bombarded the island in September 2017. Other 4Life family members around the world hoped and prayed for those affected by the disaster.


Thanks to the combined efforts of distributors and 4Life employees around the world, 4Life chartered four planes and donated more than $500,000 in cash and products, 25,000 pounds of emergency relief supplies, and 2,000 toys which were donated by 4Life employees at Global Headquarters. 

4Life’s response and connections even attracted the Puerto Rican government. Officials used 4Life LP centers on the island to distribute their relief supplies.

Distributors saw needs and came together. Foundation 4Life jumped in and helped support their efforts. In the end, it wasn’t about the meals or the amount of money that was donated. It was about the kindness and courage that distributors showed when they forgot their own needs and eagerly served their 4Life family members.

José Luis & Maria Martínez

4Life Gold International Diamonds. Dominican Republic. 2016 At the Heart of It Recipients

Service is an important part of life for Gold International Diamonds José Luis and Maria Martínez from the Dominican Republic. Inspired by the examples of Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, they provide invaluable service in their home country. They have truly taken the motto of Together, Building People® to heart.

José Luis and Maria love to serve. They consider it a gift that brings purpose to their lives. José Luis and Maria make a difference in their community through projects that aim to improve lives, provide educational opportunities, and offer leadership development for high school students. They have truly impacted the lives of many youth by financially supporting academic studies.

“I have great respect for José Luis and Maria,” commented Diamond Armando Trejo. “They are an inspiration. These special souls contribute to the growth and development of their community through their ‘Ministerio Cree-Ser’ foundation and Foundation 4Life. We love them for their service, their commitment, and the model of faith and devotion they provide for others.”

Miss Nongnoot Buwan

4Life International Diamond. Thailand. 2009 At the Heart of It Award Recipient

"I was deeply affected during the Convention 2007 service project. I realized how much good we can accomplish when we work together. When I returned to Thailand, I immediately started serving children in my community. Make service a part of your 4Life legacy and build people all over the world."

David Phillips

4Life Gold International Diamond. Washington, USA. 2009 At the Heart of It Award Recipient

"As I listened to Sister Carmen Veiga and Julissa Vargas from La Casa Rosada during convention 2007, I knew then that I absolutely had to get involved with Foundation 4Life®. With Foundation 4Life®, we have the unique opportunity to make an enormous difference together."

Oyunmaa Banzragch

4Life Gold International Diamond. Mongolia. 2012 At the Heart of It Award Winner

After understanding the importance of serving others through Foundation 4Life®, Gold International Diamond Oyunmaa Banzragch has spearheaded efforts to reach out in her home country of Mongolia. In fewer than 18 months, Oyunmaa and her team members visited a children’s medical center and donated 4Life® products to the organization, planted trees, donated funds to victims of a natural disaster, raised money for a critically ill boy, and donated school supplies, clothes, and money to many underprivileged families.

“Our lives have changed so much since we started helping people. Having the same goal to help others has united us as a team.”

Cynthia Gerlinger

4Life Presidential Diamond. Spain. 2014 At the Heart of It Recipient

Providing love and service for people in need is a vital part of Cynthia Gerlinger’s life. She has volunteered her time and money at numerous service events throughout the world, with a particular focus on empowering women in India and Africa. Cynthia is a partner of Mumbai Smiles, a training and employment program for women in India. She is a gentle and generous person whose life revolves around helping others and making the world a better place. And, Cynthia inspires others to change their own lives. 

“Women play an important role in the transformation of any society,” Cynthia commented. “They can bring about social change in their communities. Although I have a career in communication and marketing, my real life’s purpose is social education. I feel it’s important to get out of my comfort zone and see the real world. Together, we can create better futures for others. I am committed to making my service dreams a reality.”

Haffi Yenti Salim

4Life International Diamond. Singapore. 2013 At the Heart of It Recipient

For some people, doing service is just a one-time thing. For International Diamond Haffi Yenti Salim, service is how she defines her purpose. Because Yenti has been blessed in her life, she feels a great desire to “pay it forward” and share her blessings with others.


Yenti serves people in need out of the goodness of her caring heart. She goes out of her way to donate her money, her time, and her kindness to people throughout Singapore and Southeast Asia. Yenti donates items to orphans in Malaysia and Indonesia, shopping on her own time for supplies that they need, and visiting them on a frequent basis so they can personally feel her love. She sits and talks with destitute street vendors, then buys all they are selling for the day and tells them to go spend time with their family. Yenti truly cares for others and wants them to feel her love through the service she provides.

Janice Skeen

4Life International Diamond. Ohio, USA. 2012 At the Heart of It Award Winner

International Diamond Janice Skeen has made service part of her life. She has a community garden to grow food for local families; she makes personal donations to financially struggling families; and she inspires others to get involved in service. In her travels, Janice always makes time to provide service along the way. One cause very close to her heart is the Children of the Poor orphanage in Cusco, Peru. Janice has helped coordinate several donations to the organization. In 2011, Janice and her 4Life team sponsored the “Tree of Hope” project to make monetary donations to purchase items for the orphanage. Janice delivered the items during her visit in February 2012.

“I believe strongly that we should give back to the world, so I turn my travels into community projects. I believe that heart to heart, we can save these children and our futures.”

Benito Garcia Miguez

4Life International Diamond. Portugal. 2010 At the Heart of It Award Winner

Benito is involved in many different service endeavors throughout the world. He sponsors a women’s cycling team in Portugal, provides service for several children in Nicaragua, and donates to Antennas for Kids in California. For several years, Benito has had a dream to start his own service foundation for children. The success of his 4Life® business has made it possible for Benito to sponsor an orphanage in Africa and begin making his service dreams come true. After seeing conditions there, Benito has pledged to make sure these young children receive everything they need—education, healthy food, love, and 4Life Transfer Factor® products.

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