Platinum International Diamond, Ángel Molina has been no stranger to hardship. He grew up in the humble town of Corozal, Puerto Rico. After his parents divorced, Ángel became resentful and rebellious and fell behind in school. In 4th grade, a teacher noticed his struggle and began to personally mentor him, teaching him forgiveness and hope. Her kindness helped Ángel find a new life direction and paved the way for his success and desire to serve others.

Ángel has found an opportunity to help reshape the future of young men in Puerto Rico, who have experienced the same loss of hope and resentfulness. Ángel and his wife, Ivelisse founded the Kingdom Christian Academy, a nonprofit institution in Dorado, Puerto Rico, dedicated to providing educational opportunities for children from low-income or difficult backgrounds.

Through Ángel’s involvement with the academy, he met ten high school boys at different basketball tournaments. “I could see they were talented athletes, but they lacked the dis...

Salt Lake City, UT (January 9, 2018) On January 6, known as Three Kings’ Day, 4Life Founders Dave and Bianca Lisonbee, President and CEO Danny Lee, and other 4Life executives met with local distributors in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to hand-deliver more than 2,000 toys to the victims of Hurricane Maria, the first Category 4 storm to hit the island since 1932.  

This event represents the culmination of a three-month, three-phase strategy to alleviate the suffering of children and families who were struck by tragedy when the storm made landfall in the early hours of September 20, 2017. 

4Life has conducted business on the island through a network of independent distributors since 2000. Immediately following Hurricane Maria’s landfall, the company’s non-profit organization, Foundation 4Life®, launched a three-phase strategy to support storm victims. 

Phase 1 
Between September 20 and October 1, Foundation 4Life mobilized its network in the contiguous United States, launched an interna...

Salt Lake City, UT (January 11, 2018) Yesterday, 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee appeared on ABC4 Utah to discuss the aid that Foundation 4Life® sent to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. 

Recently, the Lisonbees and other 4Life executives delivered more than 2,000 toys to children on Three Kings’ Day. 4Life employees at Global Headquarters in Utah purchased and donated all of the toys. This was the culmination of a three-step strategy that Foundation 4Life put in place after the Category 4 storm battered the island. 

Commenting about the Three Kings’ Day event, David said: “That was one of the happiest days of my life—to see the smiles on the faces of these kids was really great.” 

In addition to the toys, Foundation 4Life chartered four jets, donated more than 25,000 pounds of emergency supplies, and committed more than $500,000 in cash and product value to aid the victims. Once these supplies made it to the island, they were taken by truck to four 4Life distribut...

(October 2017) Foundation 4Life teamed up with 4Life® distributors, employees, and executives to support those affected by recent natural disasters in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Saint Croix. Thousands of dollars and more than 20,000 pounds of supplies were graciously donated to 4Life family members impacted by hurricanes. 

Despite the tragedies, distributors and employees stepped up to help others. “Distributors saw needs and came together. Foundation 4Life jumped in and helped support their efforts,” said Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen. “In the end, it wasn’t about meals or the amount of money that was donated. It was about the kindness and courage that these distributors showed when they forgot their own needs and eagerly served their 4Life family members.” 

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas, 4Life employees donated, packaged, and shipped over 300 boxes of emergency supplies to provide relief to 4Life distributors and their families who lost...

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