In 2016, 4Life Singapore partnered with the Fei Yue Family Center, a local program that provides food and other resources to families who need a little extra help. This partnership has opened the door for 4Life Singapore members to serve more in their own communities! Through the Fei Yue Family Center, 4Life Singapore has also partnered with Admiralty Grassroots, Innova Primary School, and Singapore Sports School.

In 2019, 4Life Singapore held a food drive and carnival. 4Life Singapore employees donated canned food, cooking oil, noodles, biscuits, rice and other food items to distribute. They filled 16 cars with  donations!

The carnival also had games to help families grow closer and strengthen their family relationships. There was also an educational game called “now your calories” that provided basic education for how to choose healthier foods.

The vision for this program is to perpetuate service within  the community and spread the love to other nearby communities, as well.

Vincent Teo,...

(August 2017) On July 29, 4Life distributors and representatives from the Fei Yue Centre hosted a fun and educational trip to the Singapore Zoo for needy families. Foundation 4Life, 4Life distributors, and representatives from the center organized the event to make sure families could have a fun-filled day. Distributor leaders in attendance included Gold International Diamonds Akram Din and Ridwan Sadik. 

During the zoo trip, families were grouped with volunteers and had an amazing time together. Children loved filling out quiz booklets as they excitedly explored the zoo. The group also participated in the Animal Friends Show and shared many laughs together. 

In May and June, Foundation 4Life and 4Life Singapore raised $7,336 USD during a fundraising campaign. The donations were used for the zoo trip, with remaining funds to be used to purchase groceries and household items for the center. 

4Life Singapore Senior Office Manager Serene Tay commented, “We are always amazed by the gene...

(November 2016) During the 4Life® Malaysia and Singapore Convention, Foundation 4Life unveiled the “Art by Precious Little Hands” gallery, 20 pieces of colorful artwork done by kids and teens at Nur Iman Orphanage. These pieces were auctioned and sold off successfully, raising an estimated $2,700 for Foundation 4Life to help support local service projects. 4Life distributors were impressed with the artwork and stories by the young artists.  

Local staff members and 4Life distributors attended the silent auction and gave generous support toward this project. Distributors in attendance included Platinum International Diamonds Sadik Din and Hasnimah, and Sheri Din, and Gold International Diamonds Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah, and Richard and Nancy Quek. 

Foundation 4Life has supported Nur Iman Orphanage since 2013 and looks forward to continuing to help the children there accomplish their educational goals.

(May 2016) 4Life Singapore distributors celebrated the ten-year anniversary of Foundation 4Life by raising nearly $8,000 USD to help the Singapore Children’s Society, an organization with 11 centers to support children who come from abusive backgrounds, neglectful parents, or low-income families. Established in 1952, this organization offers services in four categories: vulnerable children, children and youth, families, and research and advocacy. 

During a service day, 4Life distributors accompanied the children from Sunbeam Place (a Children’s Society center) to KidZania, a local indoor theme park. While there, 4Life distributors and staff members engaged the children in learning about different careers, such as chef, doctor, delivery person, and many more. The children enjoyed the program and expressed their desire to come back. 

Several distributors attended the event, including Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din, Gold International Diamonds Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, a...

(December 2015) 4Life Singapore staff members and distributors partnered with Foundation 4Life to provide a holiday party and monetary donation of over $8,500 USD for the Singapore Children’s Society. Established in 1952, the Singapore Children's Society protects and nurtures vulnerable children, youth, and families. 

4Life distributors and staffs members gathered with kids from the organization’s care centers for pizza and games. Guests included Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din and Gold International Diamonds Akram Din, Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah, Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, and Ridwan Sadik and Nur Atiqah Suhaimi. All of the kids in attendance received a holiday goodie bag. As an added surprise, 4Life family members took the children to a movie and treated them to popcorn and drinks. 

“Taking the children to see a movie was a beautiful experience,” commented Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din. “The sound of their laughter lifted our spirits. Thanks to Foundati...

(May 2014) Children from Melrose Home joined 4Life® distributors and 4Life Singapore staff members for a fun and educational outing at the River Safari. Melrose Home provides a supportive residential environment for children between the ages of three and 18 whose parents or family members are unable to care for them. For the event, the 4Life group provided transportation, lunch, and backpacks with a water bottle and snacks for the kids. The 4Life group brought laughter and joy to the children and everyone really enjoyed the day. 

During the outing, everyone learned about different rivers of the world and the wildlife that live near them. Several 4Life distributors attended, including Platinum International Diamonds Sadik Din and Hasnimah, and Gold International Diamonds Sheri Din, Akram Din, Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah, Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, and Nadzrul Salim and Nadirah Ahmad. Prior to the event, the Singapore office held a fundraising drive to encourage distributors to...

(December 2013) During a product launch at the 4Life Singapore office, Vice President of Southeast Asia Michael Seet and General Manager of Singapore and Malaysia Tan Cher Lyn presented a SGD 10,000 donation to Mr. Choy Weng Leong, the executive director of Children’s Aid Society. The society manages Melrose Home, which provides a supportive residential environment for children between the ages of three and 18 whose parents or family members are unable to care for them. The funds donated by 4Life will be used to purchase school uniforms, shoes, and stationery for the upcoming school term. 

4Life Singapore gathered donations from distributors one month prior to the event to allow everyone the opportunity to support the service endeavor. More than 250 distributors attended the product launch and service event, including Platinum International Diamonds Sadik Din and Hasnimah, Gold International Diamond Sheri Din, Gold International Diamond Akram Din, Gold International Diamonds Fadzli Sa...

In conjunction with the seventh anniversary of 4Life Singapore, distributors and employees donated SGD 13,330 to the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) of Singapore. BCF is a non-profit organization that was established in 1997 to help fight breast cancer, the most common cancer among women in Singapore.

The event was held at the Orchard Hotel Ballroom in Singapore. Global executives in attendance at the event included Vice President, International Steve Apple; General Manager of Singapore and Malaysia Tan Cher Lyn; Director of International Development, Southeast Asia and India Preston Richards; and Director of International Product Registration Catherine Larsen. General Manager of BCF Elaine Tan also attended to accept the donation.

The charity drive began in May, and a special pink umbrella was given to distributors who donated SGD 50 and above. Plus, every person who donated SGD 10 and above was entered to win an iPod. On the day of the event, games were held to raise even more funds...

(November 2010) During the 4Life Malaysia and Singapore BIG Convention sixth anniversary celebration, 4Life President Steve Tew presented $25,000 to the Indonesia Disaster Relief Fund to assist the country following the volcanic and tsunami activity. Over 380,000 people were displaced and more than 200 people lost their life to the disasters. Following the BIG Convention in Malaysia, 4Life Chief Operating Officer, Danny Lee and Director of International Product Registration, Catherine Larsen, meet with executives of a local Indonesian relief organization to present the donation and discuss how the funds would be spent.

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