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At the Heart of It

At the Heart of It awards Affiliates who exhibit a passion for serving others. These distributors reach out in acts of service in their local and global communities, building others in cooperation with Foundation 4Life®. Winners of this award are individuals who have taken the real meaning of service into their businesses, their lives, and their hearts.

* The Lights 4Life recognition program recognizes individuals who donate to Foundation 4Life or the 4Life Fortify for-profit nutrition program. These two programs are separate philanthropic opportunities provided to 4Life distributors and employees to build people around the globe. 4Life Fortify is not affiliated with Foundation 4Life; rather it is a for-profit product that provides distributors with a direct opportunity to be a positive influence in the global hunger crisis. Distributors can purchase and donate 4Life Fortify to build the life of a child—and build their businesses at the same time. Each bag is worth 25 Life Points (LP) in the Life Rewards Plan™. Learn more at

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