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4Life Representatives Visit La Casa Rosada

4Life Vice President of Field Development Mark Petersen and Foundation 4Life Director Tracie Kay paid a special visit to La Casa Rosada orphanage in March 2013. The kids are growing fast and doing well. For the past three years, Foundation 4Life has been sponsoring English and computer classes for the older kids, preschool classes for the younger kids to get ready for kindergarten, and tutoring for the elementary school children before and after school to improve their academic success. Plus, Foundation 4Life sponsors a baseball team to help boys stay active and learn social skills and self-esteem. This visit was a great chance to follow up on the progress of these programs. During the visit, the kids favored the 4Life group with a dance number they’ve been learning and one of the girls recited a message of gratitude in English. Plus, Tracie and Mark were greeted by the familiar faces of the ten kids who attended the illuminate ’09 convention in Orlando, Florida. They are all teenagers now, have moved out of La Casa Rosada, live with extended family members, and are progressing in their lives. Several of the kids commented about their memorable trip to Orlando and said they are still grateful for the experience. Tracie and Mark also visited Sister Carmen, the founder of La Casa Rosada, who now serves at the Robert Reid Cabrera Children’s Hospital in Santo Domingo. Foundation 4Life supports Sister Carmen’s work through a monthly stipend she uses to pay for medical procedures, medicines, educational classes, and food for families who otherwise would not be able to help their children because of their minimal or lack of income.

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