Bringing Hope to Wayúu Children

(November 2014) 4Life Colombia partnered with Foundation 4Life, the Maria Luis de Moreno International Foundation, and local distributors to bring hope to indigenous Wayúu children in La Guajira, Colombia. The 4Life group donated 180 school kits and 80 bags of food essentials to Wayúu families living in extreme poverty. This donation was particularly remarkable due to the remote location of the Wayúu community. The 4Life representatives flew to the closest town and then drove over unpaved roads for over an hour by car and motorcycle. The Wayúu people make up 20% of the indigenous population of Colombia. They survive off their crops and sheep herds, but with poor weather conditions and water contaminations, people living in Guajira often suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Before outside organizations stepped in to help, the children were even attending school outside. “We were truly moved by the things we saw, and our hearts reach out to the Wayúu community,” commented 4Life Colombia General Manager Nao Lau. “I’m grateful to Dr. María Luisa de Moreno for setting the path for us to influence the lives of those who live in this community.” Fourteen year-old Fatima said, “A year ago, we attended school outside, because we didn’t have chairs or even school supplies. No one cared about this community. After attending school, I have clear goals in my life. I want to be a teacher. I want to read, write, and be a role model for others.” Because of the support from Foundation 4Life and 4Life Colombia, Wayúu children like Fatima have better opportunities to reach their dreams!