4Life Singapore partnered with 4Life Peru to remodel a home for girls located in Lima, Peru. The 4Life Singapore team and Foundation 4Life® provided donations. 4Life Peru employees provided a new roof to help keep the girls safe and protected from bad weather and from animals getting in at night.

“The home welcomes girls from 6 to 21 years old, all of them victims of violence or family abuse. With help from Foundation 4Life, the 4Life Singapore team, and the 4Life Peru team, we have significantly improved the quality of life for the girls by improving the quality of their home.” Jorge Chacón, General Manager, Peru.

The day of service was filled with games, dancing, and a celebration for the girls, who will remember this day as one of hope and joy.It’s amazing that two of our global markets so far away from each other have accomplished this act of service together. 4Life service is not only about building our own communities, but building our 4Life family all over the world.

(December 2016) 4Life® Peru executives and distributors gathered at the Association of United Hearts (Asociacion Uniendo Corazones) in Fundo Buenavista, Peru for a service activity. Also known as “Happy Little Faces,” this organization cares for 35 girls ages five to 18 who are past victims of abuse. 

During the day of service 4Life distributors made repairs to the ceiling, lighting, some of the sinks and plumbing, and the bathrooms. They also helped out with projects in the church. These changes will improve the daily lives of the girls and make their home a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live. 

The distributor guests also threw a party for the girls that included games, dancing, and a piñata. Distributors brought school kits, sweaters, hygiene kits, snacks, cake, and treats for the girls. 

“I want to highlight the work of Monica Quintanilla and her mother for the organization they started for these girls,” commented Platinum International Diamond Esdras Cabrera. “I l...

(May 2014) 4Life® executives and distributors gathered at the Association Hogar de Vida to hold a donation event. Association Hogar de Vida is a well-known institution in Peru that provides comprehensive care for mothers and children who are affected by or are living with HIV. 

The Foundation 4Life event began with distributors and facility staff members painting and remodeling the dining and living rooms of the facility. Later on, food was served for everyone, and backpacks and school supplies were handed out to the children. The 4Life group also donated a microwave to improve the quality of food served at the institution. 

Distributors in attendance included International Diamonds Silvio and Irene Mac Long, Héctor Calderín García, Victor Vértiz and Rocío Rojas, and Gladys Rueda and Miguel Cervantes. 4Life Peru General Manager Lucerito Canales and Marketing Coordinator Patricia Bardelli also attended. 

“Because of distributor donations in our market and throughout the entire world,...

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