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At Foundation 4Life, we see the impact that results in partnering with other non-profit organizations that empower children around the world.


Children get the tools they need to thrive. Families learn how to rise above the poverty level and learn to give back. Each of our partners is handpicked and thoroughly vetted to make sure they align with our mission.


This way you know that your donation will help empower families, communities, and especially children.


Granite Education Foundation

The mission of Granite Education Foundation is to improve educational outcomes by strengthening the Granite School District Community. This is accomplished through the engagement of business and community partners in the support of Granite School District and the academic achievement of all its students. Our Vision is that we will help prepare Granite District students with opportunities to succeed in higher education, career, and life.

4Life believes in the mission and vision of Granite Education Foundation and we work hand in hand to help break the cycle of poverty within the families of the students this foundation serves. 4Life assists with basic needs such as food and hygiene items, educational scholarships, and providing these students the tools they need to have a bright future.

E.S.T.H.E.R. Single Mother

Outreach Inc.

Often, the lack of a father in the home requires single mothers to make sacrifices for their children. E.S.T.H.E.R. assists single mothers with immediate, emotional, and spiritual needs through a food pantry, a clothing closet, connections to community resources, and more.


The organization also provides workshops to help moms improve their finances, build relationships, and raise their children.


We partner with E.S.T.H.E.R. to support these mothers and help their children graduate from high school.

Nkosi’s Haven

Located in South Africa, Nkosi’s Haven offers care and support to mothers and children who are impacted by HIV and AIDS. Many of these mothers are left destitute after their diagnosis, often leading to AIDS orphans.


Since 1999, Nkosi’s Haven has provided care without discrimination or prejudice. By partnering with Nkosi’s haven, we help meet these children’s immediate needs as well as helping them qualify for college and jobs that otherwise would be denied to them.

Catalina Muñoz Foundation

Families in the mountain regions of Colombia often lack adequate shelter. The Catalina Muñoz Foundation helps build homes for these families using simple building supplies that will last for generations. We chose to partner with the Catalina Muñoz Foundation, not just because of the homes, but because 4Life distributors are the builders.


Together we donate the money for the supplies and donate time for to build the homes. With hearts and efforts like those of our distributors, we empower families in the mountains around Bogotá.

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Downy Unified School District- TLC, True Lasting Connections

Downy Unified School District- TLC, True Lasting Connections. Our goal is to create a True Lasting Connection between the City of Downey and the families of the Downey Unified School District to ensure healthy and successful futures for our children.

TLC ensures that each student receives the physical, emotional and intellectual support he or she needs. TLC provides services needed to help our students and their families learn to become better participants in their schools and community.

TLC has more than 50 agencies dedicated to providing effective support to our children and their families.

We are proud to partner with TLC by helping to continue to break the cycle of poverty for these families and children by providing basic needs and tools help them move forward in their lives.

SOS Children’sVillages

Thousands of children around the world have lost parental care or are at risk of losing it. When children cannot live with their families, SOS Children’s Villages steps in to provide quality care in 135 countries and territories. SOS takes the children off the streets and puts them into families. They give them homes and foster parents who teach them basic skills learned only within the walls of a home.


SOS also provides education programs and classes for parents who seek to be reunited with their children. We chose to partner with SOS because we know the hardships children face when they live on the streets. SOS stepped in and now these children are building robots and securing jobs within the tech industry.


Families that were once separated are now reunited and thriving thanks to the skills they learned from SOS.

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