The kids at La Casa Rosada in the Dominican Republic aren’t letting these uncertain times stop them from learning and having fun! Some activities they participate in daily are dance and playtime, exercise, Zumba, choir, prayer, and of course, studying. Some kids are even learning how to play new instruments! The kids are also engaged in mental and psychological heath sessions so they can keep their mental health just as strong as their physical health.

I am so happy to announce that David Guillén is our very first Foundation 4Life scholarship student to graduate from college! David lived at La Casa Rosada orphanage in the Dominican Republic for 12 years, where he learned how to work hard, be determined, and never give up! He overcame many obstacles, and now he’s a college graduate. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Foundation 4Life over the years. You have helped David achieve his goals and dreams. You have helped give him hope to achieve a better life for himself. 

Raisa is a four-year-old girl from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, who saw her dream of having a family come true. When Raisa was 18 months old, she was abandoned at a local hospital because she is HIV-positive. Through the social welfare program, she was placed at the La Casa Rosada orphanage. 

The sisters at La Casa Rosada cared for Raisa, diligently managed her medical condition, and provided psychological therapy sessions to help her overcome the challenges associated with abandonment. Raisa attended Foundation 4Life-sponsored preschool and kindergarten programs, and in July 2016, she received the happy news that she was going to be adopted. The sisters ensured that the process of connecting Raisa with her adoptive family was successful and joyful. One of Raisa’s therapists said, “When she discovered she would live with this new family permanently, she was overflowing with happiness and told everyone she knew, ‘I have a dad!’” 

Raisa will always remember July 29 as the day she...

(February 2014) 4Life executives and distributors visited La Casa Rosada orphanage in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which has received support from Foundation 4Life since 2006. 4Life attendees included 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, 4Life President and CEO Steve Tew, Platinum International Diamonds Juan and Damaris Rosado and Yadira Olivo, Gold International Diamonds Esdras Cabrera Alberto and Rosa Nelia Vargas, José Luis and Maria Martínez, and Dionny Recio. 

The kids welcomed their guests with a dance and a poem reading in English. The 4Life team then served lunch to the kids and Sisters. Plus, they toured the library where Foundation 4Life-sponsored computer classes are held and the area where Foundation 4Life Montessori preschool classes take place. 

The visit was also a great chance for the 4Life guests to follow up with David Guillen and Aneurys Perez, two La Casa Rosada young men who are attending college at Universidad Catolica, thanks to scholarships from Fou...

In March 2010, the 4Life Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB) held a conference in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Afterward, the board members, along with 4Life Chief Scientific Officer Calvin McCausland, PhD, and staff members from 4Life's Research and Development department, traveled to La Casa Rosada to visit the children and measure the progress of the 4Life Transfer Factor® medical assessment program.

The HSAB also provided lunch for the children and staff at the orphanage. Later, the 4Life group traveled to Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital, which works closely with La Casa Rosada. When the board members saw the overcrowded waiting rooms and water leaking from the ceiling, they opened their pocketbooks and made an impromptu contribution.

It was gratefully received by the hospital staff. "I would encourage each member of 4Life to learn more about Foundation 4Life and get involved in helping those less fortunate, not only in the Dominican Republic, but around the world," state...

(September 2010) In June 2010, David Guillen and Aneurys Perez, the two oldest children at La Casa Rosada, became the first children to graduate from high school. They have chosen to continue their education at Universidad Catolica in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. During BIG Convention 2010, 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee announced scholarships for David and Aneurys that will completely cover their college educations.

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