Although this year of 2020 has brought upon many challenges and difficult times thus far, as a world together, we have all been able to take a step back and try to see these events with a new vision of understanding. Because of people like you, who continue to donate to our service efforts, a group of kids in Colombia were able to receive free eye exams and glasses if needed! These kids will be able to start seeing their own vision and dreams more clear as they plan for their futures. Thank you to all the 4Life Colombia office staff, lead by General Manager, Nao Lao! 

As Foundation 4Life continues to grow and expand its reach across the globe, so does its personal impact on employees and everyday people. This May, distributors and corporate representatives, including Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, participated in the first-ever annual service trip in Bogota, Colombia. Over the course of two days, participants built eight homes in partnership with the Catalina Muñoz Foundation.

It’s been said that true service benefits both the giver and the receiver. That certainly was the case as over 100 volunteers participated with us for our first annual 4Life service trip in Colombia. In two days, we built eight homes with the Catalina Muñoz Foundation. The families who will live in these homes have worked hard to obtain the land, and they also worked with us to build the houses. It was such a joy to get to know these beautiful families and see the excitement in their kids’ faces. We helped to build the houses, but the families will make them into homes as...

One of the most special experiences I have had was when I traveled to Usme, Colombia. There, 4Life distributors and employees built homes for families desperately in need.

Four very special Colombia service ambassadors joined hands and inspired the distributors of Colombia to donate funds and take part in building the homes. Gold International Diamond Norma Rocha and International Diamonds Abigail López, Lorena Vega, and Julieth Galeano created so much excitement from the original homes that they inspired more distributors to donate. Now, they can build more homes in the future.

Not only did I see the joy and happiness of the children who entered their new homes for the first time, but I also saw our 4Life family members grow together and create an even deeper bond with one another. 4Life Colombia is Together, Building People.

(October 2017) Earlier in the year, four Colombian distributors teamed up with a local nonprofit organization to build a home for a family in need. In October, a group of 20 volunteers, including distributors, employees, and their families, built a house for Mileidy Bedoya, her three children, and her mom. The group wants to continue this service in 2018. 

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. To help people who need it most filled me with immense happiness,” commented 4Life Colombia General Manager Nao Lau. “Each block, pillar, and roof tile was placed with love, teamwork, and excellence. No one quit, even with all of the challenges we faced. We only had one goal—to finish the house. I will never forget the faces of the family members when they opened the door of their new home. The tears of happiness and expressions of gratitude were priceless!” 

4Life Colombia Marketing and Commercial Manager Mónica Salas said, “Every moment I worked on the house was fantastic. My heart...

(October 2017) Foundation 4Life partnered with SOS Children’s Villages to establish the first Foundation 4Life Legacy Center in Bogota, Colombia. The center opened its doors on July 26 after an open house, ribbon-cutting ceremony, and presentations by SOS Children’s Villages Colombia National Director Angela Rosales, Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen, Platinum International Diamond Yadira Olivo, Colombia General Manager Nao Lau, and one of the SOS Children’s Villages participants, Gabriela. 

SOS Children’s Villages is an international organization that builds families for orphaned, abandoned, and other vulnerable children across 135 countries, including Colombia. In doing so, the organization ensures every child has the support and care he or she needs to grow, thrive, and lead a fulfilling life. 

In Colombia, the work SOS Children’s Villages does is incredibly important. More than 18 million children live in Colombia, and almost a third of the population lives in poverty. 1...

Caring about others and providing service are at the heart of the 4Life mission. Throughout the history of Foundation 4Life, we have built valuable partnerships with numerous humanitarian organizations who share in our mission to build the lives of children, families, and communities around the world. Our dedication to service continues to grow, and the fruits of our efforts will help change the lives of individuals for many years to come. Foundation 4Life is in an exciting momentum phase! During 4Life Convention 2016: United, Foundation 4Life announced a new Legacy Center program, with centers to be built in South Africa and Colombia. Distributor leaders donated over $150,000 USD to help fund the creation of the first two Legacy Centers

(January 2017) Foundation 4Life has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages to build a Foundation 4Life Legacy Center in Bogota, Colombia for needy children. The center will provide education, counseling, and shelter for hundreds of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children and teenagers. 

The Legacy Center will include computer and robotics equipment to educate children with advanced skills and training in Information and Communication Technologies. Children and their parents will also receive counseling at the center. This will prepare parents emotionally and physically to provide a safe and secure environment for their kids. 

This center is being built as part of the Foundation 4Life Legacy Center program, designed to provide educational and skills training for members of vulnerable communities. Another center is under construction at Nkosi’s Haven in Johannesburg, South Africa.

(November 2016) On behalf of Foundation 4Life, 4Life Colombia hosted a holiday service event at the SOS Children’s Villages center in Pasacaballos, Cartagena. With the help of Santa Claus, 4Life staff members and distributors delivered 340 school kits and packages of toys to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Foundation 4Life. 

The event brought joy to hundreds of children at SOS Children’s Villages, as well as children in need throughout the surrounding cities in Cartagena. 

“This event marks the continuation of a long partnership with SOS Children’s Villages. We hope to continue nurturing the dreams of these kids and working with dedicated distributors to create a legacy of service,” commented Colombia General Manager Nao Lau. 

“It was a fantastic day for the kids and those of us who had the privilege of bringing them happiness,” commented Marketing and Commercial Manager Mónica Salas. “Thanks to Foundation 4Life, we can continue building a legacy of Together, Building People®...

(October 2016) 4Life® Colombia partnered with Foundation 4Life® to host a service event at the Fundación Jardín de la Niña María in Bogotá. In honor of Foundation 4Life’s ten-year anniversary, local distributors and corporate employees donated more than 60 desks to the home for girls. In addition, distributors and staff members ate pizza with the girls and played games. This is the second time 4Life Colombia has hosted a service event at Fundación Jardín de la Niña María, having donated mattresses in 2014. 

4Life Colombia General Manager Nao Lau: “Celebrating with these girls was very rewarding, and it has motivated us to organize more service events. We are proud to bring the mission of Together, Building People® to Colombia.” 

Marketing and Commercial Manager Mónica Salas: “Before this event, the girls were forced to do their studies on old desks that were in poor condition. They were so happy to see the new desks arrive. We are grateful that Foundation 4Life helped bring...

(December 2015) Foundation 4Life and 4Life® Colombia started a new partnership with SOS Children's Villages in Colombia by holding a special donation event. 

The Family Strengthening Program of SOS Children’s Villages strengthens family units with parenthood classes that help create a safe and loving environment for children. The organization ensures that children have access to essential health, nutritional services, and education. And it provides day care, income-generating skills, counseling, and psychological support. 

During the event, 4Life Colombia General Manager Nao Lao and 30 local 4Life distributors handed out bags with hygiene kits, Foundation 4Life backpacks, and toys to nearly 200 families. The event also included a lunch sponsored by Foundation 4Life. 

“I’m thankful to all of the 4Life distributors who were a part of this beautiful event in one way or another,” Nao commented. “Today, many children have smiles on their faces. They’ll enjoy an unforgettable Christmas th...

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