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Backpacks and School Uniforms to Kids in Honduras

At the Foundation 4Life service project during BIG Convention 2010, 4Life distributors and executives assembled 2,000 school kits. Each kit contained a school bag, colored pencils, ruler, scissors, and other supplies. In February 2011, 4Life Senior Vice President of Marketing Trent Tenney and Foundation 4Life Director Tracie Kay traveled to La Ceiba and Tegucigalpita, Honduras on a three-day tour to present the backpacks and over 1,200 school uniforms to children at five schools. The school kits and uniforms lessen the financial burden that families feel, which often causes them to exclude their children from attending school because they can’t afford simple supplies. For nearly every child, the school kit they received is the first time they have ever owned something new, something of their own. The children thoroughly examined every item in the kit, running their fingers over the pencils and markers. They were proud to wear the backpacks home. Seeing the smiles on their face overwhelmingly communicated their excitement and gratitude. “This latest expression of our mission to build people was extremely gratifying, because it focused on the power of education to lift people up,” commented Tenney. “The school uniforms, backpacks, and supplies were received with much hope and gratitude. Thanks to our distributors worldwide, Foundation 4Life made a difference once again.”

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