Big Impact After Japan Disasters

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, 4Life executives encouraged distributors and employees worldwide to contribute to the relief effort. From March 11 through April 15, distributors, executives, and employees donated nearly $60,000 and Foundation 4Life matched each dollar donated. With additional support, the contributions totaled $122,000 USD. The original $50,000 pledged by Foundation 4Life after the disasters was used to help distributors repair damages to their homes and provide food, disaster relief, and essential supplies such as hygiene kits and home provisions. The additional funds donated helped more people within the 4Life family and others in communities hardest hit by the disasters and on-going aftershocks. 4Life Japan office staff members worked to offer relief to those directly connected to 4Life, including distributors, employees, and family members. 4Life distributor Keiko Suzuki had the first floor of her home flooded by the tsunami and almost everything was ruined. Donations will help replace the flooring in her home, as well as furniture and appliances that were damaged. 4Life distributor Keiko Fukuda lives in Kita-Ibaragi, which is in the southern part of the impact zone. Keiko runs a health clinic out of her home. After the earthquake, the foundation of her home sunk to a dangerous level, causing her house to become very unstable and uninhabitable. The home had to be torn down and rebuilt. Keiko and her staff members lived in their cars for over two weeks, and only went into the house to retrieve things as needed. When the road to Kita-Ibaragi opened up, 4Life Japan executives personally delivered much-needed hygiene supplies, instant food, and Digestive Enzymes for Keiko, her staff, and their neighbors. Keiko was filled with gratitude, especially when she learned that distributors and employees all over the world contributed to help her. 4Life distributor Hideo Oshima reached out to those in his 4Life organization, his family and neighbors, and a nearby evacuation site to offer his support. To elevate Hideo’s efforts, the 4Life Japan office sent Digestive Enzymes and RiteStart® to him and 4Life executives personally delivered instant food supplies and warm clothing for Hideo to distribute in his town. “We have had an incredible response to our request for assistance following the Japan earthquake and tsunami,” commented Foundation 4Life Director Tracie Kay. “I am extremely grateful for the worldwide support from 4Life distributors, executives, and employees. I am also thankful to many local distributors who have reached out to other distributors and people in their communities.”