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Dear 4Life® Distributors

We want to express our heartfelt concern for everyone who has been impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan. We truly are a global family, and when some of our family members are suffering, we feel that pain as well. We have accounted for all 4Life leaders in the affected areas. We have requested that leaders notify the Japan office if distributors in their organizations need help or have sustained extreme damages to life or property. The 4Life Japan offices are working to offer relief to those directly connected to our 4Life family. They have isolated those distributors who are in immediate need. We are extremely grateful for the tremendous worldwide support we have received for Foundation 4Life® efforts in Japan. Foundation 4Life has committed an initial $50,000 USD to the relief efforts and will continue to assess needs to determine if additional funds are necessary. Numerous distributors and employees have made donations and Foundation 4Life is matching those donations. The matching period for incoming donation has been extended to April 15. We would encourage you to help support our efforts as current donations have made a significant difference. 4Life distributor Keiko Fukuda lives in Kita-Ibaragi, which is in the southern part of the impact zone. Keiko runs a health clinic out of her home. After the earthquake, the foundation of her home sunk to a dangerous level causing her house to become very unstable and uninhabitable. The home will need to be torn down and rebuilt. Keiko and her staff members have been living in their cars for over two weeks, and only go into the house to retrieve things as needed. When the road to Kita-Ibaragi opened up, 4Life Japan General Manager Scott Dalton and Japan Foundation 4Life Coordinator Naoaki Miyakwa personally delivered much-needed hygiene supplies, instant food, and Digestive Enzymes to Keiko and her staff for themselves and their neighbors. Keiko was filled with gratitude, especially when she learned that distributors and employees all over the world contributed to help her. While the house of 4Life distributor Hideo Oshima can still be occupied, he has reached out to those in his 4Life organization, his family and neighbors, and a nearby evacuation site to offer his support. To elevate Hideo's efforts, the 4Life Japan office sent Digestive Enzymes and RiteStart® to him and Scott Dalton personally delivered instant food supplies and warm clothing for Hideo to distribute in his town. 4Life employees in Japan are working with others who have requested items that are difficult to locate at this time, such as flashlights, batteries, and candles. They continue to search out the needs of other distributors, as well as schools and orphanages in the affected areas to see what support can be offered. After hearing about nutrition needs in the Tohoku area, 2004 bags of NutraStart® Chocolate flavor were sent to assist with relief efforts taking place there. Thank you for your amazing support of Foundation 4Life relief efforts in Japan. We truly have the kindest, most generous distributors in the world! Sincerely, David Lisonbee Founder and CEO Bianca Lisonbee Co-Founder Steve Tew President

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