Flood Relief in Venezuela

In late November 2010, severe flooding and landslides caused widespread devastation in Venezuela. Platinum International Diamonds Juan Rosado and Damaris Zapata, along with local distributors in Venezuela, wanted to help people in need. They worked with a local relief organization and approached Foundation 4Life for assistance. With a $20,000 donation from Foundation 4Life, distributors in-country purchased desperately needed items, such as baby food, powdered milk, diapers, canned meat, grains, toothpaste, soap, blankets, and cleaning supplies. In total, over 5,000 products and toys were donated. Plus, two homes were rebuilt. 4Life team members organized their efforts at hotels and a police station that functioned as shelters in El Junquito and Guaira, Venezuela. They helped provide items to nearly 300 families who lost so much in the flooding. Many 4Life distributors worked together to provide relief. “Helping others who lost everything was amazing,” reflected 4Life Diamond Gustavo Manuel Gonzalez Rivero. “Seeing the happy faces of these adults and children had a powerful impact on my life. I felt like I could really make a difference in other people’s lives.” 4Life distributor Yanira Matilde Infante Fajardo agreed. “The most gratifying thing was seeing the children’s faces fill with happiness and excitement, despite such difficult situations. I believe doing great work such as this is the most important aspect of 4Life.”