Foundation 4Life Sponsors a Vocational School

In January 2011, Foundation 4Life donated $18,750 USD to Feed The Children for a carpentry/vocational school sponsorship in the municipality of Omoa, Honduras. 4Life Senior Vice President of Marketing Trent Tenney and Foundation 4Life Director Tracie Kay joined Feed The Children representatives and local government leaders on February 5 to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the wood-working school that is ready to begin their first classes in early March.

There will be a mix of 20 boys and girls in the first program. The Foundation 4Life sponsorship provides wood materials , tools and equipment, and financial assistance for struggling families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to send their kids to school. The school hopes to offer micro credit loans to students upon course completion that will allow them to start their own small businesses. As the program succeeds, community leaders look forward to enlarging the facility and increasing the number of students who can enroll in these training courses.

“This vocational program will provide incredible opportunities for these children,” commented Kay. “While the knowledge and skills they gain will be valuable to improving their lives, I was intrigued by the mayor’s comment that this program will also reduce crime in the community. These children will fill their days with training and education, instead of potentially causing mischief with the excess time on their hands. Also, the example they set for their friends and peers will have a positive influence in the area.”