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North Carolina Tornadoes April 2011

During April 2011, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes swept through the southern United States. On April 16, Sanford, North Carolina was severely affected by a tornado, with about 500 houses damaged or destroyed, 25,000 properties without power, and countless families left without food, water, and vital supplies. Local 4Life distributors, led by International Diamond Alba Giraldo, Presidential Diamond Gabriel Chavez, Diamond Isabel Rodriguez Sanchez, and 4Life distributor Pablo Trujillo Pliego, organized a team to reach out to people in need.

With a monetary donation from Foundation 4Life, the team bought grocery items such as water, rice, bread, meat, canned food, beans, eggs, oil, cereal, diapers, toilet paper, milk, and juice. Distributors traveled from other cities in North Carolina, some driving more than two or three hours to help people in need. “We worked together as a team, helping out from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm for a few days,” commented Gabriel. “We are proud to represent Foundation 4Life and our 4Life executives. All of the distributors involved were happy to help serve the community.”

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