4Life Korea Serves St. Paul’s Youth House

(October 2011) 4Life Korea General Manager Tony Lee, 4Life staff members, International Diamond Sun Hyeon Jang, Presidential Diamonds Kwang Rae Jung, Young Ju Rho, Dae Soo Jang, Soon E Kim, and Kyung Soon Seo, and other 4LIfe distributors visited St. Paul’s Youth House in Gunwi-city, Gyeongsang-province. St. Paul’s Youth House is a welfare facility for abused and orphaned children. Fifty people live in the house, including children, teachers, and helpers. The 4Life visitors provided lunch, played with the kids, helped with schoolwork, and delivered soccer jerseys and 4Life products. “This was our first visit to St. Paul’s Youth House,” commented Tony. “Everything with the event went really well. This is the first step to creating more Foundation 4Life service activities throughout Korea. With distributors all over the country, we want to give love to those who are in need of our help.” “I’m grateful to 4Life for organizing this activity,” remarked Sun Hyeon Jang. “It was a really valuable and unforgettable experience for me. I learned a lot of things and enjoyed spending time with the children. I hope to see them again soon.”