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Annual Seibo Aijien Halloween Party

(October 2011) Over the past four years, the 4Life Japan office has developed a long-term relationship with the kids and staff members at Seibo Aijien orphanage in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. Seibo Aijien houses about 50 children between the ages of two and 18. In October 2011, the Japan office held their fourth annual Halloween party for 24 of the kids from Seibo Aijien, plus four staff members. They played shooting games, decorated cookies, held a fancy dress contest, played a treasure-hunting game, and performed science experiments. “Every year I look forward to the opportunity of seeing the children of Seibo Aijien orphanage,” commented 4Life staff member Naoaki Miyakawa. “Through this annual event, we are building a good relationship with them. We hope to continue providing support for the orphanage in the future.” “We are always grateful to attend this heartwarming party every year,” said orphanage director Mr. Shinichiro Sato. “The efforts of the 4Life staff make the children happy.” “Thank you for inviting us to this party every year,” said one of the Seibo Aijien kids. “It was very fun and exciting. This is my fourth time at the party and I always look forward to the games we play. Thank you!”

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