Thailand Flood Relief — Foundation 4Life Will Match Every Dollar

Dear 4Life Distributors, On behalf of our 4Life® Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee and the entire 4Life family, we express our deepest concern and sympathy for the people of Thailand. Due to an unusually heavy monsoon season, the overflowing of dam reservoirs and rivers has triggered the worst flooding in decades. The flood waters have swept across huge parts of central Thailand and threatened to inundate Bangkok, the country’s capital. Many of the people in this region are still trying to determine the extent of the damage to their homes and livelihood. Business production in many areas has been brought to a halt as a result of acres of swamped farm land and factory closures. To date, the tragic loss of life exceeds 550 people. Through communication with the Thailand office, which remains open, 4Life is assessing the needs in the area and determining the best way to serve distributors and assist with relief efforts. Of immediate need is the relocation of those whose homes are too flooded to occupy. Once the waters recede, 4Life plans to help assess the needs for repairs and rebuilding. Together, we can make a significant impact that directly helps 4Life family members. We encourage you to partner with us in reaching out to these 4Life distributors and employees by making a monetary donation. Foundation 4Life will match every dollar that is contributed, automatically doubling your effort. To donate, and help provide support focused on aiding 4Life distributors who have incurred significant losses, choose one of the following options: 1. Go to the Get Involved tab of this website. 2. Call 888.454.3374 and talk with a 4Life representative. 3. For the latest updates, please visit the 4Life Digital NewsStand. Our hearts and prayers are with all of the families and victims in Thailand. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to lend a helping hand. Sincerely, Steve Tew President