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4Life® Day at Sosei House

(January 2014) 4Life Service Coordinator Jenna Lisonbee, Japan Senior Manager of Field Development Yutaka Nagahama, and other 4Life Japan employees visited Sosei House in Okinawa, an establishment that provides care for autistic children. 4Life Japan provides ongoing support for Sosei House, including funds for exercise equipment, music therapy classes, and life skills such as sewing. The 4Life group was able to attend music therapy with the children. Additionally, the sewing machine donated by 4Life helps residents make artistic items that are later sold at local museums, giving them a chance to earn money and contribute to the local community. “The staff members and children are grateful for everything 4Life does for them,” commented Jenna Lisonbee. “Sosei House is a very happy place! The children enjoy being there and learning essential social and educational skills.”

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