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4Life Funds School Expansion

(May 2014) Foundation 4Life representatives visited the Dona Justa Guido Memorial School in Manila, where they learned about the success the school has experienced following the 2012 expansion project funded by Foundation 4Life. The expansion included a new building, which has been a catalyst for further expansions funded by the Ministry of Education. Since the Foundation 4Life expansion project, the school has added one additional building and another is currently being built. More students continue to enroll each year, even those who do not live close by, as parents witness the building improvements. The principal shared with 4Life representatives that he has seen a shift in the mentality of the locals regarding the importance of education. Foundation 4Life, the local government, and Feed the Children have also funded a new water tank to collect rainwater for landscape watering and cleaning so the school can avoid tapping into its limited clean water supply.

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