A Magical Day at Sousei House

(May 2014) During a visit to Sousei House in Okinawa, Japan, the Foundation 4Life team engaged with children and adults with autism and other special needs. The establishment provides therapy programs for participants during the week. There is no cost for enrollment and everyone is welcome. There were several distributors in attendance, including Gold International Diamond Tadashi Shinjo, along with 4Life® Japan General Manager Yuichi Arima and other staff members. The group began by taking a nature walk with young adults who struggle with autism and Down syndrome. The 4Life team participated in music therapy and distributed 4Life Transfer Factor® Immune Spray, backpacks, and art supplies to the young adults and children. 4Life also donated woodworking tools so the participants can learn skills to help support themselves. Throughout the day, the children bonded with the 4Life group, talking with them and even holding their hands. It was incredible to see these happy children, who face so many challenges. They were all very grateful, which made this experience special and rewarding for all who attended.