New Welding Program for Teens

Since 2011 Foundation 4Life has supported the Productive Carpentry School in Omoa, Honduras. With the support of the community, and the local Mayor of Omoa, this Foundation 4Life sponsored school continues to provide valuable learning opportunities to many teenagers. The school offers a committed staff that provides onsite instruction, while giving students an opportunity to learn new vocational trades that can help them build a career early in life. As this school has expanded with new students and new programs, Foundation 4Life has provided additional support to expand the school by providing the equipment and materials for an all new welding program. In April 2013, this new welding class was officially launched, and will give students an opportunity to develop new skills and learn the trade of welding. The students’ first project will be to refurbish and repair desks for a local kindergarten classroom schools. Thanks to the opportunities provided at the school, many students are already dreaming and putting their skills to use by finding local jobs and starting their own businesses. More than self confidence and employment, this school provides hope and direction for many kids throughout the local community, that otherwise would find less productive ways to spend their time with no hope or plans for their future. This program, as well as many others sponsored by Foundation 4Life around the world, is allowing these soon to be adults to find a new hope in their life, and see a brighter future than their families have experienced in generations.