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Flooding in Acapulco

Acapulco, Mexico has experienced devastating flooding. After two separate tropical storms hit the coasts of Acapulco, Mexico over 80 people have died, and hundreds more are still missing. Days following the flood thousands of tourists were stranded in the resort towns of Acapulco, with airports and major road ways being shut down. Many families have been unable to return to their homes, while other families have lost everything including their cars, houses and personal belongings. Foundation 4Life is working with local leaders in the area to assess damages and determine the best way to help those affected. 4Life distributors have already begun making donations, and Foundation 4Life has been in close contact with the 4Life Mexico office. Preparations are now being made to provide those who have been affected with emergency packs that will contain needed bottled water, dry food, and personal hygiene items. This will help victims as food and other needed resources are unavailable in the hardest hit areas. Donations are now being accepted to help with these recovery efforts. Remember, 100% of every dollar you donate to Foundation 4Life is used to build the lives of those in need. This is our opportunity to once again express the true meaning of Together, Building People®.

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