Foundation 4Life in Moscow, Russia

During a recent tour of the 4Life Eurasia and Eastern Europe markets, 4Life President Steve Tew, Senior Vice President, International Jeff Kalinin, International Director Boldmaa Nyamdoo, and Director, Nutritional Immunology, Shane Lefler along with 4Life distributors had the chance to pay a special visit to the Bersenevsky orphanage on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. Service is an important part of 4Life and local Russian distributors, including Gold International Diamond Dmitry Isakov and International Diamond Oleg Krat, have made this mission an integral part of their business by organizing this event, as well as many similar events in the past. The visit took place on May 5, which is the date of the Orthodox Easter celebration in Russia. 4Life visitors marked the holiday occasion by giving each of the 22 children who live at the orphanage a toy or game, and spending the day with the children. Foundation 4Life was able to donate additional funds to the orphanage for needed items, including appliances, cooking ware and cleaning supplies. These items will help improve the day to day living environment for both the children and orphanage staff.