Foundation 4Life Responds to Severe Flooding

(December 2014) Severe flooding displaced hundreds of thousands of people throughout Malaysia and Thailand. The northeastern Malaysian states of Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang were particularly hard hit, with dozens of deaths due to downpour and flash flooding. With a 4Life office in Kelantan, Foundation 4Life teamed up with corporate employees and local distributors to provide immediate support to 4Life family members in need. “Electricity is down in most areas and water supplies are compromised,” commented 4Life Malaysia General Manager Cher Lyn Tan. “The entire region has been devastated. Telephone lines are down and the city infrastructure is at risk. We know that the homes of 4Life distributors have been hit. Right now, a food supply channel is critical.” In response to the natural disaster, employees and distributors met at the 4Life Malaysia office outside Kuala Lumpur to prepare food deliveries. They sent 850 kilograms (nearly 2,000 pounds) of canned food, bread, water, medicine, and other basic necessities via air transportation to Kota Baru. And, they began working on a second shipment. “Our advantage in these situations is that distributors empower us to mobilize quickly and respond,” remarked Foundation 4Life Director Tracie Kay.