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Foundation 4Life Team Visits Aquarium with Orphans

(May 2014) 4Life® distributors and 4Life Malaysia staff members joined the Foundation 4Life team for a visit to the Kuala Lumpur Aquarium with children from the Nur Iman orphanage. 4Life provided the children with goodie bags that included treats and snacks for the bus ride. The children were so excited at first that they could hardly take in all of the marine life. But, they were soon captivated by the animals and exhibits, especially the live fish feeding session and the giant octopus. After the outing, the group returned to the orphanage for a catered fried chicken lunch, a guitar sing-a-long, and games, including the Malaysian/Thai game sepak takraw. This special day was a treasured opportunity for the children to experience the commitment and love of the 4Life family. Foundation 4Life provides ongoing support to the orphanage, such as back-to-school supplies and funds to assist with tuition and school uniforms. The visit was a special treat for 4Life distributors, who saw first-hand the impact that their donations make in these kids’ lives. It was a valuable lesson to see these children find joy in life and the strength to believe in their dreams, despite their humble circumstances.

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