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Friendships Born in Service

The service initiative for a group home in Boyarka, Ukraine shows the true meaning of Together, Building People®. When International Diamonds Irina Bolshakova and Grigoriy Kravchenko heard about the home that cares for almost 100 orphans with disabilities, they knew wanted to help. Their 4Life team came together to provide much-needed items, like dishes, clothing, vacuums, shampoo, and combs. When a surprise snowstorm devastated the region last spring, Irina and Grigoriy’s group came to the rescue again. Since part of the roof of the storage area at the orphanage had collapsed, the group gathered donations at 4Life® events to help fix it. Thanks to so many generous hearts, they bought a new roof, metal frame, and a fence so kids would be safer playing outside. However, female caregivers still had to haul large strollers and wheelchairs up and down the outdoor stairs. Foundation 4Life has since donated funds for a ramp to ease the caregivers’ burdens. “The orphanage staff and our distributors have received one more testament to the mission of Together, Building People,” Irina commented. “They have witnessed the kindness, helpfulness, and friendship of the 4Life family.” We are excited to watch this project come to fruition.

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