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Help Continues for People in the Philippines

(February 2014) In January 2014, Tropical Depression Agaton forced over 400,000 Filipinos to evacuate their homes, including International Diamond Rudy Sanchez, his family, and many other 4Life family members. Intense rains even submerged most of Butuan City, Mindanao, and other neighboring areas of this Philippines region. Following a suggestion from Sanchez, the 4Life Philippines office donated flip flops to children and adults since many people had their footwear washed away with the flood. In addition, 4Life employees handed out canned goods, water, and other food items to those in need. This is an ongoing effort to support 4Life family members in the Butuan region, who have lost so much in the past several months. Foundation 4Life is so grateful to distributors all over the world for their support of these Filipino communities that have been repeatedly pounded by storms.

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