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Lyubystok Orphanage

As the 4Life markets in the Eurasia and Eastern Europe markets continue to grow, so do the opportunities for Foundation 4Life to make a difference in local communities. On May 11, 2013 4Life President Steve Tew, Senior Vice President, International Jeff Kalinin, International Director Boldmaa Nyamdoo, and Director, Nutritional Immunology, Shane Lefler along with 4Life distributors visited the Lyubystok Orphanage located just outside of Kiev, Ukraine. This orphanage is home to 17 kids ranging from ages 6 to 18, and has helped make a difference in the lives of countless children. The 4Life team was able to visit with the orphanage director, Nikolay Zhadan, and learn more about how the orphanage helps place many of the children in new and loving homes. Children at the orphanage enjoyed spending the day with the 4Life group, and each child was given an individual toy or game. This visit also marked a commitment from Foundation 4Life to help with needed repairs to orphanage building. Funds were donated to repair a leaky roof, and an additional donation is planned to help repair the orphanage’s aging gymnasium floor. These small contributions will remove heavy burdens from the staff, and give them more opportunities to focus on the needs of the children. Likewise, the children at the orphanage will be given a renewed hope that someone cares.

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