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4Life Founder Bianca Lisonbee Asks Distributors to United in Service for Ecuador

My heart always sinks when I hear about tragedies in different parts of the world. It is especially difficult when they happen in places where many of our 4Life family members reside. The recent earthquake in Ecuador has broken all of our hearts. Numerous distributors and their families were directly impacted. Houses, schools, and roads were completely destroyed, and many 4Life family members have been left without essential supplies. Foundation 4Life® donated $25,000 to support the initial relief efforts carried out by the 4Life Ecuador office staff and local distributor leaders. Over 600 kits containing emergency supplies, such as canned food, water, and hygiene supplies, were transported and distributed within a few days to Manta, Portoviejo, Pedernales, Chone, Jama, Bahia de Caraquez, Calceta, and Roca Fuerte. Follow Foundation 4Life on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about these efforts. And share posts with your followers! At times like these, we can come together and show our support for people in need. With the emergency relief efforts completed, Foundation 4Life continues to work with 4Life Ecuador General Manager Jorge Chacon to determine how we can help 4Life family members rebuild their lives in the coming weeks and months. I encourage you to send your love and positive thoughts to 4Life family members in Ecuador. If you are able, please make a donation to Foundation 4Life. All donations made through May 31 will be matched by Foundation 4Life and will increase the number of people we can help. Please encourage your group members to get involved in helping us make a difference. Donate today! Thank you so much for your generous hearts and everything you do to make 4Life such a loving and caring company. Sincerely, Bianca Lisonbee 4Life Founder

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