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4Life® Japan Hosts Student Visit

(February 2017) 4Life Japan hosted high school students and instructors from the Seibo Aijien orphanage in Yokohama, Kanagawa for a special career-focused program. 4Life Japan has supported Seibo Aijien, which currently houses 70 children, since 2008. Staff members care for children who need a nurturing place to live. The children must leave the orphanage after high school, so this event was a great resource to help prepare them. During the visit, students toured the office and learned about 4Life products and the many different roles that corporate employees fill. Students learned about the many career options they can pursue, depending on their skills and interests. They also learned about the importance of exercise and nutrition. Japan General Manager Yutaka Nagahama: “It was a pleasure to visit with the students and help them realize that they have many options for the future.” Japan Foundation 4Life Coordinator Naoaki Miyakawa: “We began working with these students when they were in elementary school. It’s been so rewarding to watch them grow into high school students. I hope they were inspired by this visit.” Seibo Aijien Chief Instructor Tsutomu Nishino: “We are so thankful for the support we have received from 4Life for nearly ten years. It was wonderful for the students to visit the office and learn about career options, health, and nutrition.” The day ended with a dinner party, in which the students, teachers, and 4Life employees enjoyed delicious hamburgers. Service is at the heart of 4Life, and corporate staff members are dedicated to building the lives of children in need.

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