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A Christmas Retreat & School Donation to the Singapore Children’s Society

(December 2015) 4Life Singapore staff members and distributors partnered with Foundation 4Life to provide a holiday party and monetary donation of over $8,500 USD for the Singapore Children’s Society. Established in 1952, the Singapore Children's Society protects and nurtures vulnerable children, youth, and families. 4Life distributors and staffs members gathered with kids from the organization’s care centers for pizza and games. Guests included Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din and Gold International Diamonds Akram Din, Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah, Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, and Ridwan Sadik and Nur Atiqah Suhaimi. All of the kids in attendance received a holiday goodie bag. As an added surprise, 4Life family members took the children to a movie and treated them to popcorn and drinks. “Taking the children to see a movie was a beautiful experience,” commented Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din. “The sound of their laughter lifted our spirits. Thanks to Foundation 4Life, we can share joy and happiness with these wonderful children.” “I express my heartfelt gratitude to your organization for your kind support for our program,” said Singapore Children’s Society executive Wendy Tok. “Every dollar will help children, youth, and families in need. Our volunteers and staff are very encouraged by your generosity.”

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