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Feeding Families in Need

(November 2016) Local distributors and staff members in Ecuador hosted a service event to help families in Jaramijó, Manabí who suffer from malnutrition. 4Life donated 150 canisters of NutraStart®, and distributors provided breakfast foods for the families. As part of the event, children from the Galilea Jaramijó Project sang, danced, and gave theater performances. In Jaramijó, people suffer from extreme poverty and many don’t have access to basic services such as water and electricity. Ecuador General Manager Jorge Chacón said, “Families in Jaramijó were very grateful to 4Life. The children were happy and excited when they received the food. It’s a pleasure to bring joy to others and show our dedication to service.” Presidential Diamonds Katty Giler and Patricio Barahona dedicate a large portion of their time to uplifting the community. At the recent service event, their efforts were supported by Gold International Diamonds Esthela Carpio Rodas and Lorena Daza Castillo. Other corporate staff members and executives from other 4Life markets attended the event. “We are so grateful to Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee for establishing a legacy of service. It was wonderful to unite with other distributors and bring the gift of service to those in need,” commented Esthela. Lorena expressed, “My heart filled with joy to see the children and their families so happy.” 4Life Ecuador staff members and distributors went the extra mile, offering their time and service to put together a wonderful event for families who suffer from malnutrition.

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