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Foundation 4Life Donates to Refugee Crisis

(January 2016) Foundation 4Life donated $10,000 USD to SOS Children’s Villages to support refugee children who have fled their war-torn countries. This donation was a special request from 4Life Founder Bianca Lisonbee. In 2015, more than one million refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. One in five was a child. It’s a trip no child should have to take. SOS Children’s Villages provides basic life necessities for refugees, such as blankets, hygiene kits, food, and shelter, so that they can continue with their journey. Sixteen-year-old Farid fled Syria on his own. He walked through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia. He said, “When I reached Austria, I was welcomed. Everybody welcomed me.” Farid found a home in a community run by SOS for unaccompanied refugee minors. “It has been heart-breaking for so many of us to see the plight of the refugees caused by recent world conflicts,” Bianca commented. “As is often the case, women and children suffer the most. Once again Foundation 4Life has provided us with the means to make a difference in the world, and especially for children in need. Thanks to your giving hearts, we can accomplish things together that we could never do alone.”

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