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Giving Hope to a Champion

(March–July 2016) 4Life® distributors in Russia gathered donations to purchase a sports wheelchair for Sergey Guriev, a young Paralympian athlete. The fundraiser was organized with the help of International Diamond Alina Ksenofontova and Oleg Golubev, director of a charity called “New Life.” Sergey is 15 years old and he’s been playing table tennis for two years. He became a candidate to receive the “Master of Sport” honor, and he also received the Champion of Russia award. Sergey was aiming for higher honors, but felt it was impossible without a better wheelchair. 4Life helped him to achieve his dream. In July 2016, Foundation 4Life presented the wheelchair to Sergey. The very next day, Sergey won first place at the Russian National Competition for children with disabilities. When Sergey won, he pointed to his wheelchair to show that it played a big part in his victory. Next year, Sergey will compete at the European Championship. Foundation 4Life wishes him great success in his beloved sport.

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