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Helping Children After an Earthquake

(March 2016) Foundation 4Life made a donation to Yujing Elementary School to assist low-income families that were affected by an earthquake in Taiwan in February. Foundation 4Life supports the school with books, backpacks, and shoes. Local 4Life distributors conducted a fundraiser to help 50 families with tuition costs so that they could concentrate on rebuilding their homes. Foundation 4Life donated $2,500 USD to assist families with education costs, including tuition and other expenses. During a school anniversary celebration, 4Life Taiwan Marketing Manager George Ma presented the donation to school principal Zhou, Zhi Qiang. Mr. Zhou expressed his gratitude for the support provided by Foundation 4Life, and he presented a certification of appreciation to George Ma and International Diamond Fang, Xui Lan. 4Life Taiwan staff members presented gifts for the children and encouraged them to study hard so that they can make a difference in their community. “It is an honor and a privilege to help families impacted by the earthquake, so that kids can continue attending school,” Mr. Ma commented. “I’m grateful to be a part of this meaningful project.”

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